My trip to Casperia – Sabina Shire!

I was recently talking to an Italian friend of mine who has a house in the Sabina region, located just outside of Rome. He was telling me of Casperia, a town that has been taken over by Anglo Saxon vacationers and homeowners.

I went on line  to see what it was all about because I knew I had passed by some years before, but didn’t particularly remember it. I found photos of the town and a B & B owned by a British couple that was beautiful. They did a super architectural renovation with oriental rugs, antiques and a to-die-for mosaic tile bathroom you would only dream about experiencing….the price tag was a whopping 900-some euros a week. As I read further, I was a little thrown off by the owners complaint that the comune wouldn’t allow the permit for a balcony to be added to their ancient home. After understanding Italian culture and preservation,  you would not even ask for such an eye sore. But, I thought wow, this town must be something special if it has taken over and restored like this.

So this week I paid a visit to Casperia. I took a walk through town, came upon a presepe that was fantastic (Il Presepe di Casperia built by Giannicola Mariani). The town is built in circular layers with panoramic countryside views.

After my tour,  I ended up at the only bar located inside the walls, Friend’s Cafe,  for a glass of wine and to let the kids play in the square.  I shared the outside umbrellas with several English speaking foreigners reading books, seeming not to notice the few loud beer guzzling men nearby and not to mention the ‘Er mutanda’ look-alike sitting behind me.

Suddenly I felt an odd sensation, one not particularly comforting. The bar seemed more of a fish n’ chip pub, with mirrored beer signs – boasting about their British beer selection on tap. I love all of that stuff too, but in England and not in an ancient Sabina town.

Call me a travel snob, but when I go outside of my country I want to leave my past and my culture behind even for a brief moment. I want full immersion, to eat like the locals and do as they would do. I don’t expect a Budweiser with a hamburger on the side. The Sabina region has a lot to offer, but not this town unless your in Anglo Saxon withdrawal!


~ by Aimee and Francesco Accolla on June 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “My trip to Casperia – Sabina Shire!”

  1. Hi, I am planning my next vacation and trying to find the best destination. Your blog is very informative, thanks

    • Thank you! You’re very kind. I try to give a balanced eye on Italy, as I spend one year after the next calling it home.

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